Maine Conditions of Auction

Authentic Auctions is licensed, fully insured, bonded and follows all Maine laws and rules pertaining to auctions in the State of Maine.

Conditions of Authentic Auction sales include:

  • Sold "as is." All items sold are as is, where is and must be paid for prior to leaving the auctions.
  • Highest bidder acknowledged. The highest bidder will be acknowledged by the auctioneer at the completion of the sale.
  • Reserve. We do not normally accept items with reserve amounts but we do reserve the right to pass an item if the high bid is insufficient.
  • Absentee bids. Absentee bids are accepted but follow the same rules as attending bidders. A valid credit or debit card must be provided with the bid and will be charged at the auction if the absentee bidder wins. Our policy is to have an auction employee play the roll of the absent bidder starting with an average opening bid and continuing to the absent bidder's maximum amount if necessary. If the item sells for less than the absent bidder's maximum, the bidder will pay the lesser amount.
  • Sales tax. The State of Maine requires that we add 5.5% sales tax to all sales unless we have a valid, completed resale certificate from an entity in the business of selling the items we are auctioning.
  • Auctioneer or consignor bidding.
       Consignors are Absolutely NOT allowed to bid on their own items. Anyone bidding on their own items will be asked to leave.
       The auction staff is allowed to bid on items that they want for their or their families" personal use. They are not allowed to pre-purchase items and must pay the same rates as any other bidder at the auction.
  • Uniform Commercial Code. Title 11, section 2-328 applies to all auction sales made by Authentic Auctions llc
  • Statement of buyer's premium. Authentic Auctions adds a 10% buyer's premium to all sales at auction.